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That’s a big word right? When we talk about discipline people most people think in quiet students who hardly even breathe and move, working in silence, but I don’t think that’s actually how things are, an active room has some noises, people talking and if we could stop being so self-centered and wish for everybody to be a silent robot paying attention to our exposition, instead of that ask them to participate, to say what they think, make a classroom where they feel comfortable to talk and to say what they think, make sure that the rules of the classroom are clear so kids respect each other and as long as they are interested in what they are doing they will keep working, so as a teacher it’s your duty to make engaging classes.

Also try making students work with different people every class.

In every classroom there could be a problematic kid, I used to be a problematic kid and I can say that teachers that backtalk are always the funniest, the ones who take things too personal and get angry, even if they send you to the office as a trouble boy you know you have him in your hands. The first thing is not taking things personal, your short-term response must be to be impassive as if this doesn’t bother you at all smile or look at him with the “what the hell are you doing?” face and make this kid feel how pointless is trying to argue with a teacher who is an adult and who won’t fell for that silly childish things.Sometimes silence says more than a thousand words.

I’m not going to fall in that silly game.

Take out your best poker face and think in an adequate long-term response, but don’t take it personal and keep it cool, don’t make this kid feel as you hate him.

Bloom’s taxonomy

Bloom’s taxonomy helps us to differentiate between the levels of tasks we give to our students and also gives us a sequence to follow when planning a lesson, in that way we can guide students through the process of learning something and achieving a specific goal, in order to develop their skills in easier or harder challenges.

Bloom's Revised Triangle Color

Also this way we can choose activities that really can engage students, memorizing won’t be as defying for a student as creating something, but also maybe getting into High Order Thinking won’t be an easy task neither for the teacher nor for the student, because we’re not really used to it, also I think we can’t forget about the LOTS at all, they are useful too, but getting the knowledge, being able to apply it, changing it and creating something new is very exciting.

High Order Thinking and Low Order Thinking

High Order Thinking and Low Order Thinking


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I know, I must have done this homework like three weeks ago, but I have just found an amazing book I’d like to share with everyone. The point is to engage them, so I really recommend this book.

Personal Learning Philosophy

I made the Multiple intelligence test and the Learning styles Quiz and this were my results.